What the...FAQ?

What is DBAD?

But really, it’s this simple:  Don’t be a d*ck

Try it out, these are only suggestions.  Apply it to anything or everything, it’s easy:

Is DBAD politically affiliated or driven?

DBAD isn’t about politics.  DBAD transcends politics; but we’re happy if you apply DBAD to whatever platform/ideology you currently subscribe to.  Try it out!

What does it mean to be a d*ck?

It’s the opposite of being nice.  Deliberately hurting someone or something physically or emotionally.   Even if it’s hurting someones feelings.

Who cares?

You should.  It’ll make your life better.

DBAD isn’t based on mystical gobbledegook, it’s cause-and-effect practical reality.

How do I apply DBAD?

Coming soon...  

(But for now, clean the area, peal backing and stick it)

Do I have to love everyone, seems unrealistic…?  

No, of course not, we're only human…  Just show everyone a basic amount of respect!

Is DBAD meant for other people or me?


Isn’t this just common sense?

Not common enough.

When can I order some fly new DBAD gear?

Soon.  Check back here.

What should I tell my kid what it means?

“Dust Bunnies Are Delicious!” — Tell them whatever you'd like, but we suggest you apply DBAD.

So why didn’t you go with JBN?

A bunch of reasons, but also didn’t have a ring to it.